Reviews for Novemberunderground: 

Soho Theatre Upstairs, London - 2012

Theatre 503, London - 2013

Lakeside Theatre, Colchester - 2013

The Underbelly, Edinburgh - 2013:


'Very powerful, fully imagined and intensely dramatic.' 

Aleks Sierz - Arts Desk


'The writing is original and beautifully crafted with every inflection seemingly timed with the precision of music....outstandingly edgy....Something a bit special. Writer Tom Clancy at 22 clearly has a long career in front of him if this beguiling performance is anything to go by.'

South London Scene


'The real strength of the show is in the performances elicited by Julian Jones' direction. Clancy's script relies on quick pick-ups and precise timing, and the cast deals with this expertly...Jones' production is a slick, sharp piece of work...Clancy's script roles at breakneck speed, and proves Burning Oak Theatre Company to be one to watch.'

Dan Hutton - IdeasMag (Ideas Tap) *****


'A brilliantly dark and imaginative comedy...

[An] impressively slick production...a feast for the senses with spectacular song choices...the words were as sharp as the images.

The acting and characterisations in this play are fantastic...'

Jazz Adamson - Edfringe ****


'Burning Oak Theatre's smart, snappy and, above all, slick production rests on Clancy's script...

The climax [is] unexpected it makes me gasp. I feel jarred and shaken...I feel like I'm stuck in American Psycho.

The script is slick, the set is slick...something straight from Pulp Fiction.'

Imogen O'Sullivan - edfringe ****


'Burning Oak Theatre took a gamble with Clancy's work and it paid off...The cast powerfully remain true to the text....The story is unpacked from all four corners of the stage....director Julian Jones has been able to find a balance for this production that has allowed him to create a smart, complex and engaging piece of theatre.' 

The New Current *****


'A dark, vastly imaginative piece of drama...the acting is incredible.'

Three Weeks ****


'The plot clatters along at speed, surging through a number of electric encounters...the play is built upon these tension-fuelled interactions. The actors devour the writing with visible relish, firing lines at each other with controlled vigour. One of the many highlights of the piece comes in the form of Ed Thorpe... Imogen Hudson-Clayton and Harry Owens are the swift-witted backbone of this articulate ensemble...

Novemberunderground establishes a riveting world, its streets teeming with captivating characters, paved with a deviant allure.'

A Younger Theatre ****


'Cryptic and Beautiful. A world that constantly surprises us.'

Bruntwood Prize Panel