Burning Oak is first of all a collective. Driving its work is an energy that derives from a mutual sense of purpose. A purpose rooted in a passion for the theatre.
While as a company we recognize that the group always contains a greater power than does the sum of its parts, we would also emphasize the centrality of the actor as the sine qua non of the theatre event.
Burning Oak was conceived as a company where young actors, reaching the end of their training, could continue to develop their craft - a company that acts as a bridge between the conservatoire/laboratory and the professional theatre.
Our intention is to discover, develop and present new work, by new young writers, with a core company of new young actors – to take what is raw and fresh and give it shape and form.
The environment in which we develop our work, often over an extended period of time, is one where actors and writers can explore, experiment and create with complete freedom.
We value bravery, mutual trust, honesty and a willingness to risk what Eleanora Duse described as ‘the revelation of the soul’.
We take stories of contemporary relevance out of the school and into the world, to audiences some of whom we hope are as new, raw and passionate as us!







Burning Oak: Mission Statement